Weird Abit KT7A RAID Behavior

Just got a new Abit KT7A RAID, 1.1Ghz Thunderbird, new case. Transferred old drives and CDRW over to new case. Problem is, this thing is fighting me like no MB ever has.

1) Slave drive weirdness. Although the BIOS sees either HD in master, single, or slave mode, neither 98SE or Win2K see either HD if they are in slave mode. Both OS's, however, will see both drives if both are singles on each channel. And no, it's not a jumper prob- these are Maxtor's that jumper J50 if single/master, to set it to slave you just take the jumper off.

Finally, I had to set up the CDRW as a slave to the second drive to get all drives recognized. And guess what? About one in three times now, I'll boot up and neither OS can see the CDRW.

2) If I turn the power off, or if I shut down an OS, or if I go into the BIOS and set things, the system will not reboot until I pull the power cord out. It will turn on, and the HD's and CD will spin up briefly, but no video signal reaches the monitor, and the boot just stops. The reset button on the case does nothing (and yes it's connected correctly). I've looked around at all the APM settings, can't find anything that looks like it would do this.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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  1. I'm really not sure why you are setting that stuff up as slaves. Put your hard drive(s) in IDE 3 as a master and if you have a second hard drive put that in IDE 4 as a master. Put your CD-RW in IDE 1 as master and CD-ROM in IDE 2 as master. After you do that set the BIOS so your boot drives are ATA100RAID. You can also set one up as floppy if you like. If you have less then 5 drive all can be masters. Hope it helps
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