Frequent blackout with Plasma

I recently hooked up my Gateway Desktop to my Panasonic Plasma TV using HDMI.

The connection works fine, but frequently the display goes blank for few seconds and comes back up. It almost looks like a refresh rate issue.

Mine is a 720p TV, I tried various pixel options (720P, 1080i, 1080P) with 60Hz, 59 Hz, 30 Hz, 29Hz etc but it doesn't solve the issue.

Individually the TV and Desktop works fine.

I am going to try and replace the HDMI, outside of that any other suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried disabling the link state power management for PCI-E.

    Found in the advanced settings for the power plan in use.
  2. where is this located?
  3. This same thing is happening to me as well. the tv act like it lost the video signal then it comes back, I still here audio from the HDMI that is connected to my amp then amp to tv.
    I will check that power seting tomarow. If I find the power setting i will let you know where I found it.
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