Anyone see a problem? Suggestions welcome!

Here is my whole set-up that I am planning on building within a week or 2. I just need to find a good motherboard to go with it. So i'll list everything and feel free to suggest a mainboard, I want the K7 Master but doubt I can get it.
-Athlon 1.2GHz "C" $246 Retail
-Samsung 256MB PC2100 CAS/CL 2.5 $190 Unknown
-IBM 75GXP 46.1GB ATA 100 $160 Retail
-Leadtek Winfast GF2 Pro 32MB DDR 5.5ns $155 Retail
-Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer $75 Retail
-Asus 50x CD-ROM $43 Retail
-Teac 1.44MB 3.5" floppy $17 Unknown
-Enlight 7237 case/fan with 400W Sparkle $150 Unknown
-MS Elite and Intelli Mouse combo $39 Unknown
-KDS 19" AV-195TF (Trinitron FD) $350 Retail
Anyone see any problems with this set-up? Like compatability or anything? Also if I am building this myself do I have to buy the mounts for the floppy and the hard drive? And the cables? Now all I need is a high quality Motherboard, I want the K7 Master!

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More about anyone problem suggestions welcome
  1. Hi, Booky:

    Looks like you gonna buy a very advanced system. Sorry for the prediction, but all of your hardware will become out-dated in some years soon, but the monitor...
    It's just my own personal opinion, sorry, and dont take it seriously, ... for me the KDS doesn't match the rest...,
    and a monitor in general is the only thing that visually represents your system, and you will stare on it days and years...and will stay with you longer...
    Before to buy, I did my research, compared the pictures on different models.
    Sorry, I found, that I simply don't like the pictures of some monitor brands.
    I'm limited in finances, some problems..., I can't afford to buy a new computer
    and run my old P-150 o/c to 180 MHz
    but I bought a 19" PF795 ViewSonic, because I found it relativelly cheap
    (there was a PF-790, cheaper), with good picture (my opinion),
    and it capable to provide for me preset 1280x1024@85 timing, or up to 1800x1400@70.
    My PC at my work c/w Viewsonic P-815, and we have more Viewsonic's and Mitsubishi's 19-21" models to compare and it made my choice.
  2. Is it just the looks about the KDS you don't like? I mean the thing has the same tube and screen as the Sony CPD-G400. It has the Trinitron tube and perfect flat display, it doesn't get much better than that, unless you go flat panel display. I figure I am saveing the $100+ by not buying the "name Sony" instead im buying the "name KDS". Now if there is some technicle issue with KDS that I don't know about, please let me know. But im not about to blow $100+ extra just because of the looks, I mean im looking at the display anyway not the case.

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  3. Very similar to the system I will begin to order first week of April. Some of your prices look high. Do you order anything on-line? I get most of my stuff through Just watch the shipping traps and try to order stuff together from several or one place.
    Only 32MB video card?
    For another $10 you can have the Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer 5.1. What speakers do you have/will you get?
    No burner? Or DVD-ROM?
    Why the Enlight 7237 case/fan with 400W Sparkle - $150 for a case?! Check the ANTEC SX-830 - two rear fans and 300Watts @ $85.
    I just got the Avitron AV-7TF and it is awesome.
    Cables and mounts should be included with the board and drives.
    I am looking at the Asus A7M266. IF the K7 Master is out by order time, I will look at it. But the A7M266 seems to be leading the current pack. I do not care about overclocking (for now), but would like RAID for the future.
    Good luck!

  4. I have the KDS AV-195TF. I like it a lot. I have had no problems in th 2 months I've owned it. It looks great, display and case. I don't see any reason to pay $100 to have Sony brand.
  5. Booky: If you really think that the MSI K7Master is the board for you, then go for it. But if you want that board because of the (incorrect) notion that AMD760 avoids VIA chipset incidents, think again (see my last post in the "VIAKT266 or AMD760" thread)...

    Regardless of the AMD mobo you choose, give a lot of thought to the selection of a heat sink and fan (HSF) to cool your CPU. Even at the 1.2GB T-bird's default settings (no overclocking), it runs real hot!

    Finally, I highly recommend Samsung monitors. I have a 900NF that IMHO is as good as any Sony!
  6. You know that your KDS monitor has a Sony trinitron tube, right?

  7. Yeah, thats why I bought it. And it's $100 cheaper than one that says Sony on it.
  8. 64MB GF2 Pro are too expensive, and I play flight sims where it would be a wast anyway.

    The Enlight 7237 and 400 watte ps is because I want a 400 watte, not a 300 watte. It is $129, I put $150 because of the added fan.

    I want the K7 Master because if you compare the reviews on THG "three musketeers" and "3 boards with 760" you will see that the spec board of the K7 Master performed better than the full release with updates board of the A7M266.

    I wasn't even going to get the X-Gamer, because I mostly use headphones. But decided on it just in case I ever want to use speakers.

    I have no need for DVD on a PC, that is what TV's are for. I also have no need for a CD-RW for I don't listen to music on my PC and don't copy other peoples Games.

    With all that said, My order has to be by end of first week in April, if the K7 Master isn't available yet then I too will be going for the A7M266. My decision on the K7 Master has nothing to do with the via chip. I have no experience with them, and really would like the MSI K7T266, but it isn't going to be available by then. Any more ideas?

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  9. Oh sorry I forgot to add, My prices are probable higher than yours because most of it is retail not OEM. I tried to find places where I can order a few things at same store but it seems like they only have a good price for one item and jack others skyhigh to make up for it.

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  10. I have nothing against VIA, for I have had never had one. But from the negative posts it makes me not want to wait forever for the boards with the KT266, which I previously wanted. I was looking at the MSI K7T266 Pro, but since it is takeing them this long to get the K7 Master to us then I can't wait that long for the K7T266.

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  11. If the GF2 is too expensive, how are you paying for the K7 Master?!

  12. You are right about that. I usually print the first screen from all the items I am looking at and look for common companies. Then you have to go all the way through shipping and pick the best. It takes some time, but I am building 2 Athlon DDR systems, and will save a ton of $$!

  13. The KDS 19" TF is probably the nicest monitor I've seen. I have both the TF and the one before it, and they both are great. I also have an old viewsonic 20" and a dell 19", but personally I'd always prefer the trinitron...

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  14. I said the GF2 Ultra 64MB is too expensive ie $400. when I can get a GF2 Pro 32MB for $155. And the K7 Master is only about $200, which is only about 0-$50 more than other DDR boards. Now the K7 Master-S is prolly a bit more but I don't need the onboard SCSI so im not getting that one.

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  15. I thought the K7 Master minus SCSI was still over $300? But yes, $400 for a video card is a bit much. I am going with the GeForce 2 GTS Pro 64MB @ $255.

  16. <b>I also have an old viewsonic 20" and a dell 19", but personally I'd always prefer the trinitron...</b>]

    Sorry, dhlucke, we are talking almost about the same class of monitors.
    The ViewSonic PF-795 that I have (made in Japan), is also c/w Sony Trinitron tube. OK, it's the matter of taste.
    ViewSonics have proved reliability and excellent service (but, never dealt with it - no need).
    I heard some complains about Samsung quality. Have nothing to say about KDF quality though, - just don'know.
    Again, it's my personal view.
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