PC hangs during crysis 2 & black ops gameplay

Hi All,

I am facing problem while playing some games. My computer hangs during COD black ops and Crysis 2 gameplay. Some things are common in both cases. Both games hangs during some movie in the game not during the actual game. Both hangs after 5-10 min. gameplay at almost same point. Computer hangs with screen filled with grey lyk lines and continuos noise lyk sumthng is stuck. nothing works and pc needs to be restarted.

In black ops it hangs when in the start after crossing the street u get into a car and then ram that car into local police. after this there is movie and here it hangs.

In Crysis 2 it hangs when in the start submarine is destroyed and prophet picks up Alcatraz and then movie comes showing the suit. at that point it hangs.

I am facing problem with only these two games. I have played bulletstorm, homefront, AC 2, Gears of war 2 etc and at highest graphics details without a glitch. but somehow these two games r giving me trouble. Can somebody please help me.

OS : Win 7 - 32 bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 MHz
XFX ATI HD 5670 1 GB
cooler master extreme power plus 600w
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  1. What are your CPU & GPU temps? It's sounds like your vid card may be over heating. If you can play with your computer's side cover removed, then it's most likely a cooling problem.
  2. Hawkeye22 said:
    What are your CPU & GPU temps? It's sounds like your vid card may be over heating. If you can play with your computer's side cover removed, then it's most likely a cooling problem.

    Ya I hv already tried that :( . I even opened full casing and put it directly below fan and then ran the game but same result.

    Moreover other high graphics demanding games run on my pc without any problem. Overheating shud hv caused sum problem there too.
  3. Have you tried updating your graphics driver? Sometimes even downgrading to a previous release can make a difference.
  4. yeah its latest...
  5. I did 1 experiment. I put my old nvidia 8600 GT in my machine and tried playing both games. although in low graphics it was able to play both of them without any hanging. I also kinda read sumwhere that there is sum prob of ATI cards dealing with some codecs lyk VP6. and also sum games use VP6 codec lyk crysis 2. Does any1 hv any other info or idea wat this all conclude??
  6. Your card has gone bad.RMA time.
  7. Did you overclock your card?

    I had the same problem with my HD6950 @HD6970. Anything else runs rock-stable, Furmark, Bad Company 2, L4D/L4D2, just Crysis 2 kept making trouble. The screen froze for a few seconds and after that it looked like a reset of the graphics and the game went on. Pretty annoying after a while.

    With normal clocks everything was fine but I didn't want to abstain from my additional speed so I increased the Voltages slightly (about six percent) and everything is shiny again. Crysis 2 seems to be really sensible when it comes to overclocked hardware. -_-
  8. Shabbadoo, how did u increase the voltage?
  9. gaurav_2908 said:
    Shabbadoo, how did u increase the voltage?

    I edited and flashed the BIOS of my card, but as long as you didn't overclock it's unlikely your problem and you should consider other solutions because you can easily kill a card with that if you do it wrong, apart of losing warranty. I just wanted to point out how sensitive Crysis 2 reacts on overclocking.

    You mentioned your old Nvidia 8600 GT, maybe there's something of the driver left. Try to remove all drivers for any video card, this tool may help you with that: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1655

    After finishing reboot and install a recent Radeon Catalyst driver from http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx

    Also consider updating any other driver that is available for your motherboard, like the one for audio.

    By the way: Have you got any games that run without problems?
  10. Actually I hv finished lots of games without a glitch lyk homefront, MW2, gears of war 2, bulletstorm etc. and playing NFS shift 2. Card works fine always except in these 2 games.
    Actually this weekend wat i did i played crysis 2 with 8600 GT and crossed the point where game hangs and saved it. Now i switched back my HD5670 and played for around 1-2 hrs and it played smooth in advanced grphx mode, no probs yet.

    I also raised a ticket with XFX and told them all this. They hv agreed to replace the card but i dont think thats gonna solve any prob coz card is fine... wat u say?
  11. Agreed, if other games work without problems it is unlikely that the hardware makes trouble. You may try Furmark anyway - that thing brings every card to its very limits: http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/

    If there's a problem with the temperatures your card will likely crash while running it.

    You can also stress your card with benchmarks like 3DMark11, the basic edition is free: http://www.techspot.com/downloads/5107-3dmark-11.html

    As I mentioned before you should consider removing all graphics drivers, especially the ones from Nvida, and make a fresh install of the AMD Catalyst.
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