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PC gamer needs PS3?


Very new to console gaming but not new at all to gaming. I already have a very capable gaming computer and I really think it gives me more flexibility and power and convenience in gaming (and other tasks). But I am curious about console gaming. Since I already kind of have a windows based machine on which I use XBOX controllers as well, I want to go with Sony PS3 to seek to fill the niche games not available on PC.

My question is - would you buy a PS3 even if you were me? PS3 consoles these days are really cheap and mostly I'll be buying it used/refurbished. Is there a real advantage with titles that are just worth playing on PS3? I won't be buying any additional hardware and using my P2250 Samsung screen.

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  1. I'd go for the PS3. Reason: God of War 3!

    I guess a lot depends on what titles you're looking at playing on the console coz many titles are specific to XBOX360 and PS3. Keep in mind though that the XBOX360 has a wider range qua titles when compared with the PS3.
  2. But is it not true that 90% titles on XBOX are present on PC?
  3. Go for the ps3, as yes xbox exclusives will be released for pc as well, through games for windows live

    I'm a pc gamer, and own an xbox as well ( i couldn't afford a pc not too long ago).
    I currently never use my xbox (unless i have friends over) but I wish i bought a ps3 instead so i could check out the sony exclusives
  4. ^+1

    Completely agree! Xbox titles will also be available on the PC, but not on the PS3. That's another reason to go for a PS3. Heck, I have a decent gaming rig and given the choice, I'd opt for the PS3 over the Xbox.
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    peterson99 said:
    xbox exclusives will be released for pc as well

    Anonymous said:
    Xbox titles will also be available on the PC, but not on the PS3.

    Just to clear things up, not all 360 games are (or will be) available for the PC. Although I don't have any titles off of the top of my head right now. But if you think about it, game developers are under no obligation to port their 360 games to PC. The 360 and PC are two very different platforms and porting from one platform to another is not 100% certain just because they both have the Microsoft logo on it.

    Most developers release titles in multiple platforms to expand their market and to drive more sales.

    With that said, I don't think that having a PC is a valid reason to rule out the 360.

    The biggest consideration when choosing between the 360 and the ps3 IMO is the multiplayer capabilities. If you're into multiplayer and competitive/coop gaming, go with the 360. XBL far outperforms PSN by a lot.

    Besides the multiplayer capability, the only other criteria is the list of exclusive games for each system. Google should be able to give you a list. I know I've seen a good list once on wikipedia or something

    If you don't care much about multiplayer (or if the PC satisfies your multiplayer needs) just grab a list of 360 vs ps3 exclusives and pick the one that has the most titles that you like
  6. All very good answers. On PC, I never play multi-player. It is addictive and wastes a lot of bandwidth. I don't think I'll need XBOX Live level of multi-playing capability.

    Another consideration is that I mostly play the action games (FPS) using my good-old keyboard and mouse because it's the most convenient arrangement for me, just like many. But anything other than FPS are just fantastic on my XBOX controller on PC. I know PS3 takes a keyboard but I don't think I'll be excited other than a few FPS titles about PS3 action games.

    I guess I'll look up the list and decide which one to buy. PS3 does a few more things so I might just go for it.
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