Slot 1 to socket convertor???

Is there anyone using sloket convertor? My MOBO is ASUS P2B. I'd like to upgrade the CPU to intel coppermine like 966EB, is it possible? I mean with the sloket convertor, could I set different speed for FSB and Mem like 133Mhz for FSB and 100Mhz for memory??? Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. i use the IWILL SLOCKET has onboard voltage controller and onboard fsb settings. i havent tried it in my p2b but it runs great in my p3v4x.550e@814
    the p2b does not have those exact settings but it has a memory speed setting. you can choose 10ns =100 8ns=125??? i forgot or 7ns=143
    just remembered that your pci will run at 33 but your agp will run at 89 with a 133fsb on the p2b
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