Racing games: keyboard vs. steering wheel?

Hi, I tried playing NFS Shift 2 Unleashed today with a keyboard, and did pretty bad. Do I need to hook up a steering wheel to play this game better? The last game I played WITH a keyboard is Burnout Paradise, I did okay on that game. I have a Logitech G25, and won't mind hooking it up if it means playing NFS better on it.
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  1. Yes, steering wheel is pretty much the only way to play NFS or any of those games.

    If you have a G25 why would you even bother not using it with a driving game? Sad story here.. my wife beat NFS Underground before I did, woman was addicted to that game. Bought a wheel just for it.

    Actually you just made me want to dig up my wheel up from the basement and set it up again, my 5 yr old would love driving I bet.
  2. Racing are probably the only games i'd say you NEED to play on console, or with a non-standard PC controller (like a wheel) because keyboards don't have force-feedback. I played a few races of GRID on pc a while back, it's like if you went out for a drive and only could turn hard left or hard right at any given time lol.
  3. Why would you try play with a keyboard when you have a G25 kicking around?
  4. This post reminds me of a review by someone on a popular site. He complained that he couldn't control his car properly because his xbox controller wouldn't work right with the game. Only a MORON would buy a racing game and expect a keyboard or an xbox controller to give you any satisfaction while trying to drive. Get a wheel and don't look back.
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