Need Help PLZ!!!

need to install Win2k Pro on my comp. I partitioned my HD, install went fine, then when i boot into Win2K, it freezes up about half way on the load screen.

details: The little blue status bar just stops halfway, the HD does something for a min, then it stops forever,. CTRL ALT DEL doesnt work.

Tried reinstalling several times to no avail.
This is extremely important, i need help fast.

My comp, if it will help find a sollution:
Tbird 1GHz
iWill ka266-r DDR mobo
128MB pc2100 ddr sdram
Maxtor DiamondMax ata100 40GB HDD (model # 5T04H i THINK)
*also i have a secondary HDD ( a slave) that holds win98 and some files -- 6.5GB
geforce2 mx


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  1. Boy, this one sounds a little rough, have you tried to boot into Win2k safe mode? If not try booting into Win2k safemode with networking. I have not had any experience with this MoBo yet. It's very new so your blazing a trail here!

    Okay after booting into safemode with networking(If you can!) Attempt to download any new drivers provided by Iwill. Install them in safe mode. This includes Via's latest bunch of Crap as well. Ohh yeah check for a new Bios as well.

    If that does not help or you cannot boot into safe mode start unplugging all components that are not needed and try booting from there.

    Good Luck!
  2. Woops I thought you were using the KK version, sorry for misreading, KK is Via's but I think you could follow the same route.

    Just sub Ali drivers for Via
  3. [-peep-]. no luck, i tried booting in every single mode. tried reinstalling, same thing. i found out that it hangs on a a file called ali1541.sys. Supposedly it is a problem with win2k not supporting all ata100 drives, but i disabled UDMA and even ran/installed win2k in PIO 4 mode. so [-peep-] [-peep-] [-peep-]

    help, somebody?

  4. i had the same trouble ,(ASUS A7V,Athlon 1 Gig)
    I found if i changed the HDD from the ATA100 plug to
    the IDE /66 plug , then W2K installed okay,prior to that
    in the ATA100..same thing..lock up green screen halfway.
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