Can you add a graphics card to a CQ60-211DX

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a better graphics card than the intel GMA 4500m to my computer i play WoW often and i just want somethin better
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  1. By the way my computer is a CQ60-211DX
  2. It's a laptop. You can't.

    There are only a few laptop that allow you to upgrade the video card, but none of them have an Intel GMA and all of them cost over $1,500 (at least).
  3. Thank you. But would you think this laptop could run Wow smoothly on low setting?
  4. I'm guessing you could based on the following youtube video:

    Based on the poster's short blurb, FRAPS was used to record the video. FRAPS has a bit of a performance penalty so without it gameplay should be a little better than it looks in the video.
  5. Hey man thanks i really appreciate the help
  6. Also, do not post multiple threads on the same topic. You cannot expect an immediate answer in a public forum.
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