PSP new one coming out vs 3DS vs Ipod touch 4

Which one would be the best for music, gaming and films?
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  1. The ipod touch would be my pick, where the new psp is what; the psp phone?
  2. No, psp2
  3. No, it's called the psp2.
  4. I Think the PowerVR SGX545 Jan 2010 was ready in with the CPU Armada 626 in 2010 , but the Capability was to close to NIntendo 3DS who delivered on-time! So they would have similar Graphics Capability but Sony NGP might be faster in FPS! Question is How many cores of that Power VR SGX 6 Rogue Series can they fuse together? vs. the Nintendo 3DS by christmas which would give them a tech edge, but also time for Nintendo to Recover!

    Its Nice to Hit the Market 1st Sony Xperia PSP Phone competes with the Nintendo 3DS! You also have the IPADd 2 Also!
  5. My personal pick would be the ps vita and then the 3ds. Touch screens are horrid for any type of gaming. Anyways, if you were into touch screens the ps vita and 3ds have it, so win win for the handheld consoles.
  6. PS vita hands down for hardcore gaming. For music and movies it would have to be iPod Touch.
  7. I would say the PS Vita because it has a better screen (at least resolution wise) and also you are not tied down to Itunes
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