mobo for duron 800? need expert advice

I'll get right to the point. I have a dead mobo (asus a7v arrrr). I need a new one. I don't plan on overclocking. Could I benefit from asus a7v133. My processor is locked therefore I believe I can't utilize the 133(ddr) mhz offered by a7v133. Should I buy another a7v (100 ddr fsb). But the price tag is a little high. Is there any other mobo that's a little cheaper but performs well. Thanx for any input.

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  1. I have similar problem with the A7V133 running a duron 800 can't even get into the bios. whatever you do don't go to ASUS web site. what a pathetic mess that is looks as if they have the bios so frogged up that it will take the luck of the irish to ever get any A7V133 board running. Rev 1.02. i hear rev 1.05 has been corrected by ASUS. good luck in getting any help from them!!!!! They even booted me off ther bulletin board within minutes of any posting that contained a complaint. even when i asked for help on a new DEFECTIVE ASUS PRODUCT.hope you put the purchase on a credit card, after you get your money back buy a MSI BOARD and consider this a bad dream. good luck
  2. I have the MSI K7TPro2. It works fine, very stable and good price! You can buy the K7TPro2A that supports ATA100 and costs the same.

    For overclockers, I would recommend the ASUS A7V133, but it does not seem to be your case :)

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  3. why don't you try a board with the VIA KM133 or SIS 730S chipset. They are much cheaper. I don't have any experience yet, but I'm looking to buy one myself. They are integrated boards though and microatx so it might not suit your needs...

    The ASUS website sucks. No question about it. They don't even have their newest boards on the site even though they are apparently selling them.

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  4. i think the A7V133 is quite good for you. although the cpu is multiplier locked you can increase the FSB, in this case to 133 from 100, and get 1066 MHz Duron by simply chaning the FSB (not recommended without a good cooling gear and increasing the core voltage) but I guess you can underclock your CPU multiplier 6 so that you get the same core frequency. it would be better if you get the cpu unlocked, no harm in that anyway.

    A7V133 is a good one, but you can also opt for MSI K7Tpro.


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  5. Expert here. Get the Abit kt7a .. I got my dad one and i told my friend to get it and they were very happy with my advice. Check out the vendor and search for "abit bundles"

    I myself run the abit kt7-raid motherboard... great board! never had a problem!
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