Please list as many shooter games as you can ;)

I am looking for names of as many single player shooter games or action adventure or sci fi gamas as I can find... I really enjoy them

but usually finish them in 2 or 3 days....

Please list games for PC, xbox 360 and ps2,

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  1. Umm, use google!
  2. Anonymous said:
    Umm, use google!

    Yeah I have been doing that... but google is limited its not going to list every shooter game made... the point of forums is to access information from people that you might not find on google etc... thanks for the tip though :)
  3. The Half-Life series on PC.
    Call of Duty series on PC

    ...heck, I think one in every 3 games is a shooter. Just grab something from off the shelf, LoL!
  4. That's a pretty large spec :) So you like scifi X4 strategy titles too?

    X3: Reunion and sequels
    Sword of the Stars (old, sequel coming this fall)

    You won't be done with those in just 2 days...
  5. There are many online site available which are offer latest video games for us you can play these games in your PC or Mobile phones just after download and installation
  6. Just search for fps on steampowered ?
    perhaps buy the ID pack - most are shooters
  7. This is a truly poor question... It'd be great if you'd have taken at least 5 seconds to do the research for yourself... but I'm not gonna complain. I'm constantly asking noob questions on TH :D

    Here's your list, as complete as it ever will be:
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