Crysis 32bit runs better than 64bit?

Hey all,

Just built a new PC with the following config:

i7 960 (Stock)
Asus Sabretooth X58
ASUS HD 6990
1TB WD Black HDD
6GB Patriot Viper 2 Ram.

I fired up Crysis (original) to see what fps i'd get. To my surprise, I get about 10-20 fps higher when I run the 32bit mode over the 64 bit. On average I'll get about 50-60 fps in 32bit, and around 30-40 in 64bit. What gives? I'm running latest drivers and patches. I thought 64 bit was meant to run better - or is there something I need to change on my PC to take advantage of this?
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  1. crysis was pretty much optimized to run on a dual core running vista 32bit so its no real suprise... but yeah it should run better in 64bit.
    have you patched it up to 1.2.1?
    or 1.2.0 if you dont use the multiplayer.
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