Crysis 2 cannot get nano catalyze anymore?

I can't get it after passing the stage where you get out of the burning building. I'm playing the PC version. Anyone else have this problem?
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  1. another bug.
    there are a few relating to the nano upgrades.
    1 is you need to get over 1000 nano points b4 any register and can be used. another is you loose all your nano points if you restart the game from a current save. (you die with 2000 nano points and decide to quit, later reload the game, start where you left off but the nano points you had are now gone)

    have you patched up to 1.1? coz that makes no diff. 1.2 will hopefully fix em though.
  2. I think im at 1.1. The nanos are zero, when I pick up more, it still says zero.
  3. and it will till you get over 1000. at least they wont show up till you clear 1000 if its the bug i think it is.
  4. I had collected 12000 nano's and was gonna use them in the subsequent map. Guess what! New map, no nano's!!

    Ah, the joys that bugs bring!
  5. all i can say is bear with it. you dont really need a fully upgraded suite to finish the game even on very hard. although it does make getting through certain parts easier.
  6. theres a new patch out, that fixes the nano points problems.
  7. Indeed this is a bug. This happens each time for me as well. But I finished the game already.
  8. weird, i havent had any bugs...guess im just lucky! haha
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