CUSL-C - 815 - 512MB Ram

~ Building a "Hot-Rod" daytrading CPU.
~ Asus CUSL-C, 1GHz PIII, IBM HD, Appian Jeronimo Pro,
~ Why is there a limit to 512MB of Ram? ~ Has 3-slots.
~ Needs to be "trouble-free" and to "fly."
~ Any suggestions, please don't hesitate to give input.
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  1. should fly but the chipset only supports 512mb of ram. instaaling more will either slow system down or cause memory errors. for online trading 512mb is plenty.
  2. It's a great combination. The chipset was originally designed for entry-level systems because Intel thought they could get everyone to switch to Rambus for high end systems, hence the 512MB limit. It is the best recent chipset you can get for stability and compatability.

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  3. Fact: The i815 chipset, in any incarnation, on any mobo, only supports 512MB (max). Why 3 slots? You can fill it to capacity using a combination of 128MB and 256MB sticks (if you wanted to).

    Fact: The CUSL2 is one of the very best mobos available today. One of my two (non-oc'd) systems has a CUSL2 and 1Gig P3. It's been running Win2K 10-hrs/day, 6-days/wk., ever since I put it together about 6 months ago without ANY problems whatsoever!
  4. BTW, you want it to fly? Feed it quality PC133 CAS2 DIMMs (256MB for Win98/Me or 512MB for Win2K) and one or two of the lastest 7200rpm ATA100 HDDs... It will fly!
  5. Ditto that!
  6. Double ditto that-that's a triple stamp of approval, and "you can't double stamp a tripple stamp"!

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