Asus T2P4 and K6-3+

I just upgraded the K6-III I had to a K6-III+ which I can now overclock to 500MHz (83x6) compared to the 450MHz (75x6)I was getting previously.

One thing though. The BIOS doesn't properly recognize the chip whereas it did recognize the K6-III. It says "-MMX 400MHz" where before it said "K6-III 400MHz". Don't worry about the #, I know that's the max it displays.

Is this going to be an issue with being able to utilize the features of the chip? Or should it be fine with a utility like CPU Idle where I can select the use of the Write Allocate function.

It looks like it's better performing on serveral benchmarks I've tried. Just wondering if it's being underutilized. Anyone know?
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  1. It will always be underutilized to some extent on that board, but what it's recognised as in the name shuoldn't make a difference, as that board supposedly only supports 2 levels of cache reguardless of the name.

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  2. I don't know about that motherboard, but on an FIC VA503+, I am able to overclock that chip (K6III450+) to 600MHz rock solid, 100*6.

    It appears that you know about the 2X mutiplier being recognized as 6X with that chip.

    As far as the BIOS issue goes, if it tests well, I wouldn't worry, as good as that chip overclocks and runs, it is quickly being left in the dust by the newer waves of CPU's available now.

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