ok my rig is:
AMD phenomn 2 X4 2.8Ghz
4Gb DDR2
ATI Radeon HD3300 512mb
Windows 7 32bit

is there anything that can be tweaked that can make the game run smoothly er anything i need to know so that the game will run, as long as it runs i dont care about graphics to much..HELP IS APPRECIATED..thank you
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  1. is that a built in graphics chip? in which case you are screwed, buy a new GPU, unless its a laptop
  2. Agreed, get a dedicated card. The Radeon HD 3300 is waaaaaaay too slow, you'll never get happy with it if you want to play games that aren't from a past era.
  3. ughh its built in what can i buy that will let me play it on at least medium graphics
  4. Check out the dell xps 15 for a cheap laptop, that might let you play on medium or if you want the best bang for your buck look at the sager 8130 on that could possibly let you play on high or ultra its got the nvidia gtx 460m on it.
  5. hello, what resolution would you be gaming at?
  6. Quote:
    hello, what resolution would you be gaming at?

    probably either 800 er 1080
  7. laptop or desktop?
  8. Quote:
    laptop or desktop?

  9. Does the motherboard have a graphics card slot?

    If so, is it a PCI-E or AGP slot?

    You really need graphics capability around the Nvidia 8800GT 512mb ram range, however additional factors come into play like can your power supply handle adding a discrete graphics card?
  10. What is your price range? What is your power supply? What resolution do you want to game at? What kind of motherboard do you have? These are all things you must tell us in order for us to give you useful advice. :)

    Obviously, your current video card isn't going to run the game well. We can help you pick a video card that will run it, but we need some info first. The game runs much more smoothly than Crysis 1, so you won't need to get an uber computer to run it. (Of course, you don't have to have an uber system to play crysis 1 anymore either...)
  11. 200-300, 1000 wat, 1080, biostar t series i forget the exact make, anymore i need to relay
  12. thats plenty, amdati 68xx or nvidia5xx use the guide:,2879.html and see what you are comfortable spending.
  13. you had better change a graphics card
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