Gta 4

Textures are loading very slow, like in this video.

Specs in signature. Gta iv with latest 1.0.7 update. Graphics almost maxed, vsync on/off - same result.
Any solutions?
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  1. Roll back to the 1.0.3 or 1.0.4 patch, that should help.
  2. 1.0.4 - same.

    will try 1.0.3 then.
  3. edgaraslt said:
    1.0.4 - same.

    will try 1.0.3 then.

    OK, do that and report.
  4. Still looking for a solution.
    How to make it work properly
  5. sever texture pop is often the result of a fragmented hdd.

    use a dedicated defrag tool like ultimate defrag. with this kind of tool you can move your games further towards the outside of the hdd. if you have your pagefile off the primary partition move it back on to it. also make sure its set at 1.5 times your actual ram (for you thats 3 gig) no more or less.

    also make sure you install your games on the primary partition.
    personally i set aside 1/4 of my total storage for my primary partition, that way i can install most of my apps on the fastest part of the hdd so minimize in game lag and texture pop.

    look at your gfx panel (ntune) and select the games settings for gta 4 and make sure your set on multi sample and not super sample.

    1 other tip as you only have 2 gig of ram get gamebooster, it will close some background tasks and free up some much needed ram.

    1 thing i do know with gta is you dont want to have a huge draw distance on a 1gig card. you need at least 1.5 gigs to set it higher than 75 percent and i personally wouldn't recommend over 50 as it takes up ram that can be spent on other things like textures...
  6. reinstalled gta4 with no patch it lags a bit. also as there are less graphis options it uses almost all gpu memory.

    I'll try 1.0.2 later, because I can't find proper 1.0.3 patch.
    It doesn't matter if I use 1 draw distance or 99, problem is the same.

    Hdd isn't fragmented. I have 3.25GB usable ram and 3326MB pagefile currently allocated.

    Thanks for your answer tho, could be useful.
  7. Mine does that also, i assumed it was because i was running it in window mode or tabbing out occasionally.
  8. From which patch social club were removed?
  9. So I installed gta again.
    Here it goes.
    Anything below 1.0.4 doesn't give me slow loading textures.
    But it hasn't in built live account manager in menu and doesn't remove social club.

    1.0.6 and newer has those features,but makes my game running like in video above.

    Any suggestions?
  10. try more ram 8gb+
  11. vitaz said:
    Same problem, tried this patch

    There is no such a patch called is the lastest


    Are you joking? It's a clear patch problem.
  12. i dunno just found on google ;)
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