ACPI EventViewer error every 5sec

I have a HP DV2807nr and just upgraded it to Windows 7, fresh install, had to dig for drivers ect ect Vista 64bit drivers worked in some places, windows found most of them.... However, strange error happening... The system was locking up every few minutes to a hardlock and would resume after a couple minutes. ACPI errors are littering the event system log every 5 seconds with Event ID = 13... Updated the bios to F.27 and killed any 'turn off' activity in power options (which took forever to load outa the control panel), seemed to have fixed the freezing issue BUT! the other problem is upon trying to shutdown or restart, the screen will shut off but the lights and fan will stay on for about 45sec - a few minutes before it finally shutsdown or restarts. There is no option in the bios to turn ACPI on or off.

Any ideas on whats causing the ACPI error every 5sec or whats making the system take forever to completely shut down?

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  1. Hi,

    I suggest to NOT use vista x64 drivers and to get them from the manufacturer (of the device).

    You may have to start from clean install again.


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