Xbox 360 surround sound problems

So I bought a new Samsung 1000W surround sound system with a 46in Samsung LED TV. I have the surround sound receiver connected to the TV via HDMI, one of the original grey Xbox 360 branded cables. I have a 360 and a PS3 connected to the receiver. The PS3 also has a grey 360 branded cable, the 360 is using a newer black 360 branded cable. I also have my wii components connected to the tv with the audio connected to the receiver. When I'm watching movies through the receiver, playing PS3, or playing wii there is no delay between audio and video but when I play 360 it starts out fine but slowly creates a delay over time. It is fixed just by channeling through the inputs on the receivers but I'm trying to figure out why the 360 does it yet the PS3 does not.

Someone suggested processing power of the 360 but the wii doesn't have a problem either.
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