Gta 4 texture problem

hi guys....

my config is:

core i5 760 @ 2.8ghz
2gb ram
1 gb gts 250
win 7 ultimate x86

my problem is i get missing textures while playing gta 4...
i searched the google but in vain...
so is there any patch or fix for this prob???
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  1. Yes a patch has been released but I am not sure whether it works as well. You are not the only one,

    Is that your problem ?
  2. Do you have the 1.0.7 patch installed ? That seems to be the problem. Just roll back to the 1.0.3 or 1.0.4 patch, then it will work. I have my doubts though.
  3. the video is an eflc video... im talkin about the original gta 4..
  4. ultimatebot said:
    the video is an eflc video... im talkin about the original gta 4..

    I just wanted to ask whether that was your problem. If you have the original GTA IV and not GTA IV EFLC, then do what I told you. Roll back to the previous patches.
  5. No! thats not my problem in my game therez nothin i can see except some dim lights please help you can have a look at how my gta 4 is working at This link shows the same graphicsas mine please help some how......
  6. Have you tried updating your videocard's driver? I have a GTS250 1gb also its a Inno3d. From no patch until to patch 1.07 I never encountered any in-game problem. I've tested this on Win xp3 and both Win 7 Ultimate 32bit and 64bit. Everything works fine.
  7. Assallam o Alaikum

    download the gta iv launch exe from here
    After that copy all file and paste into the orignal game
    run the game and enjoy
    if this not work then copy the crack file from your dvd and paste into the the orignal game
  8. hello new here..nice to meet you.. :)

    i have a probem i think it's about texture error or anything.. i don't know.. plis help me

    this is the video :

    please help me.. :(
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