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Unreal Engine 3 ?

Hi all.

Just wondering.

I saw the recent Samaritan and Nature demo of the Unreal Engine 3.
Looks great!
But it also doesn't look anything like Gears of War or Bioshock 2.
I thought they all use the Unreal Engine 3? I'm I confusing engine generations?
Or Gears of War doesn't use many of the new engine features?

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  1. Ouch.
    I didn't think this will be difficult. Sorry about that.
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    the demo's you mention are dx11 demos. gears and bioshock 2 use dx10.1 at best on pc and dx9.0c with enhancements on the consoles.

    the demo's feature new routines and optimizations such as broken depth of field, which is something it didnt support when say unreal tourney 3 came out. its basically unreal engine 3.5 or there abouts.
  3. Thanks for clearing this up!
    The Unreal Engine 3 is must be very capable if it can get great results just by adding some routines, features, etc..
    There is a point to my asking. It seems I'll need a new video card then if I want to see visuals like in the demo. I think this will require a high end Southern Islands or Kepler class video card.

    If this was a brand new engine using future APIs, then it may require a DX12 card (even though it was demoed on 3 DX11 cards)
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