A7M266, DVD, CD, ZIP250 and ATA100

I just got all my parts to build my new Athlon system.
MOBO ASUS A7M266, TB 1.333G, etc. The only real question I have is what to do for my drives.

1 - Plextor 10x12x32x CDRW - IDE
1 - Creative DVD-ROM - IDE
1 - ZIP 250 - IDE
1 - Maxtor DiamonMax 60GB ATA100/7200 - IDE

OK ... how do I make this work? I obviously must put something with the harddive on an 80 conductor cable. I was planning on using a 40 conductor cable for the CD drives since that seems to be pretty standard and 80 for the HD but where do I put the ZIP 250?

I would really like to avoid buying an extra IDE controller.

BTW, thanks to EVERYONE on Tom's. It was a major help in deciding what to buy. I have put together many machines over the years and it is nice to have access to THIS MUCH INFORMATION!
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  1. Ok, it's my understanding that using an 80 conductor cable doesn't cause any real problems with CD's, it's just unneccessary since they don't support the higher transfer speeds that those cables are capable of. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    With that in mind, and assuming that you might occasionally want to copy a CD from your DVD drive (??) I would suggest the following: Primary IDE master - HD drive, Primary IDE slave - DVD drive, Secondary IDE master - Plextor CD burner, Secondary IDE slave - Zip drive.

    Why? The biggest thing here is whether you want to be able to copy from CD to CD on the fly. Doing that with both devices on the same IDE channel can lead to problems with saturation on that channel. In addition, CD burners really like to be the master of their channel because they get first priority. Admittedly, your purchase of a burner with burn-proof technology will prevent buffer underruns, but why not have things in the most efficient manner anyway?

    That's my suggestion anyway. On my office machine I have a basic CD reader as the Primary slave and an older Plextor IDE drive (32x4x8) as the Secondary master. Works great for me as I've made several 8x CD copies on that setup without any problems (no coasters).

    Oh, BTW, nice choice on motherboards. I've had my A7M266 up and running for about a week now and I love it. Alas, I only have the lowly 1.2 GHZ 266 FSB Athlon. I'm already going obsolete! :)

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  2. I agree with DesertCat and intend to do a similar setup with A7M266, 1.333GHz, HD, DVD, CDR, and LS-120 floppy drive.

    DesertCat, glad to hear the A7M266 is running well!

    DaArm and DesertCat, how much memory did you get and from who? And video card?

  3. Thanks everyone for their help. I see your point on the CD->CD copies. I will be doing that so I'm glad to know that. Glad to hear good things about the A7M266.
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