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ey guys i recently installed mx vs atv unleashed on my computer and before the format the game was full screen now when i play there is 2 huge black bars on either side i dont know if anyone knows of a file in the game that i can edit so that it will go to 16:9 aspect ratio because right now it feels like its 4:3 and it just looks terrible any help would be great thanks !
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  1. With your specs i suggest you get MX vs ATV reflex wich has much better graphics, although the new reflex controls for pc are a pain. Goto your Nvidia Control panel and look for where it says Maintain aspect ratio, scale full screen ect... Full screen is what you want to select also make sure the GPU is scailing it not the monitor. Il have a llok on my other pc with nvidia control panel so i can give you better instructions coz i cant remeber what tab it was under.
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