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Hello, i have a Windows 7 64-Bit system on my computer and i am trying to play Alone in the Dark (2008). it installed fine ad everything but when i try to play the game it says (i'm paraphrasing of course) something about the game needs a 32-bit system to play, or something like that. anyways please somebody help me
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  1. Reinstall Windows 32 bit. You can simply downgrade. You could install 32bit windows in a virtual machine.
  2. I read the system requirements.
    Says it directly supports Vista 64, so Windows 7 64 should not be any problem.

    I think making the game work with Windwos 7 64 will be easier than reinstalling Windows 32 and everything. I was able to get 10+ year old 3D games working on Windows 7 64-bit - that's LONG before any 64bit version of Windows.

    This isn't the answer you're looking for, but it may help from my experience.
    Also the game was made in 2008, so I can't imagine why this game will be made ONLY for XP-32 or Vista-32 when Vista-64 was commonly available at the time.
  3. ^Completely agree. Any 2008 game should work flawlessly in Windows 7 x64.
  4. You can always try changing the compatability mode to XP or something, but like other have said, it should have no problems running on Win7 x64.
  5. this is 1 of them odd situations where the game wont work on 64bit. it just doesnt support it at all.
    dual booting with 32 bit and 64 bit will also bring its own problems, if you use viata or win7 as the high precision event timer in bios needs to match the running o.s. (set it to 32bit for 32bit and 64 for 64bit or the system will be unstable).
    running in compatibility mode wont help either.
    your only option is dual boot with xp 32 bit as (hpet) mode has no effect on that o.s. so you can leave it on 64bit for your win 7 but this means you will have to use a different hdd as the partition table and mft are different to vista and win 7.

    theres no such thing as easy when it comes to windows :(
  6. should just go through WOW [Windows On Windows] and run as a "normal" 32-bit app. There is no reason a 32-bit app shouldn't work on Windows 64-bit.

    Its almost as if they went out of their way to check the OS the user was using, but with Vista 64 already out, that would be a silly thing to do...
  7. You might have to run the game with Administrator privileges - right click on the (game).exe file and select the Compatibility Tab - check "Run as Administrator".

    Even though your sign on may already "have" Administrator privileges - there are some programs out there that sill need that "extra" by checking that box.
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