Mame games keep saying game cannot be please

I bought the set of mame game set for my pc and when I click on a game, it pops up on the screen---not found-error required files are missing, game cannot be run. Do anyone know what I should do to start playing my classic games. Thanks
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  1. what OS are you using?

    if you're using windows 7 to try and play those classic games, you might need XP to play them

    also please give more information when you asks things, you'll get a quicker answer.
    info we always need: OS and what games/software you have a problem with is a good start.
  2. Thanks, I'm using Vista and the software I bought were a set of 10 disk mame emulator and roms. When I downloaded the roms in its folder and tried to load up a game the screen read --not found error required files are missing. The game cannot be run.
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