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Is there some third party software I can use with ME to keep a mentally challenged young man out of system files and changing them? Bruce

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  1. While there may be 3rd-Party software available to accomplish this task, there is another alternative: Change attributes to "Hidden."

    Here's how:
    1. Highlight everything in the C:\ directory (folder), except for the My Documents folder. Do this by Edit>Select All, then hold down the CTRL key and single-click the My Documents folder.
    2. Right-click one of the highlighted files/folders and select Properties.
    3. Place a checkmark next to "Hidden" and click OKAY. If you don't see anything happen in the C:\ folder, click View, then Refresh. Everything you highlighted will "disappear."

    If you ever need access to those folders again,
    1. Click View, Folder Options, then the View tab.
    2. Under "Hidden files," click "Show all files."
    3. Click OK. At this point, all hidden files will be visible, but shaded. You will have access to those files now. You can also change their attributes back to normal if you no longer need them to be hidden. Use the same process shown at the top, but this time clicking on the checkmark to remove it.

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