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I am unable to get my resolution in GTA 4 above 1280x 800ish. When I try increasing it, it says I have run out of RAM.

It is only showing 280MB of video ram, but the 8800gts has 320mb.

Do I need to patch the game? How do I determine what version I have? I just installed it and ran into this resolution issue.

My specs:

LGA 1155 i5-2400
asus p8p67-LE
4 gb (2x2gb) kingston hyperx blu 1600mhz ram
600w ocz modstream
8800GTS 320MB Evga card
windows 7 professional 64bit
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  1. you have indeed run out of gfx ram, you need to lower the settings so the memory shows green. if it shows orange or red it means you have the draw distance (mainly) set to high try lowering it. most of the other bells and whistles take less ram to turn on but the resources available to run them are incrementally increased with each bump in draw distance.
    best set everything at minimum then increase the screen rez. what memory you have left after that is the memory you have for the nice eye candy. remember that the gfx card has to hold back some ram so it can work effectively so you may not get above more than 280mb b4 it all goes red and becomes unplayable or just crashes out.
  2. As posted by Hexit, lowering the draw distance can help. Otherwise, turn down the texture settings to say low or medium. And change the res if you may.
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