ISA Slots a dead issue?

I'm considering a motherboard/CPU upgrade and can't find a highly rated AMD Thunderbird mainboard that has an ISA slot. I really like the combination of price and performance of the ECS K7VZA board, but I amd a musician and my beloved Roland SCC-1 synth card uses an antique ISA slot.

Is there an adapter or external box that would provide an ISA slot? Or should I just get over it and accept the fact that ISA is dead (RIP!).
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  1. I'm not sure about anything external, but ISA is being phased out. WinME nor 2000 supports it.

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  2. The Abit KT7A and KT7A-RAID as well as the IWILL KK266 and KK266-R boards each have one ISA slot. All of these boards have the VIA KT133A chipset and use SDRAM.

    I haven't heard of any DDR boards with an ISA slot.
  3. ME and 2000 don't support ISA? Must have missed that memo. Doesn't matter since I don't have any ISA cards though.
  4. Who says ISA is not supported by WinMe or W2K? There are a number of ISA cards that are directly supported by W2k such as creative CT3780 SoundBlaster AWE 32 with drivers on the W2k disk. I know of a person using a regular ISA Sound Blaster ISA with W2K Server in an Abit's KT7. It works fine. Any Win95 driver will usually work with WinMe. So if your sound card has a Win9x driver chances are real good it will work with any of the ISA sloted boards mentioned above in WinMe.

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  5. My brother-in-law also uses an old Sound Blaster AWE32 ISA card on a KT7 mobo running WinME. Runs great by the way...

    ...and I too have a Roland SCC-1 that I can no longer use on my A7V :frown: ... So I left it in my old PC so I can still use it.

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  6. you consider that
    dont invest in any ISA part, you may not get any slot on your tupgrade motherboard

    having no ISA slot is one of the requirements for PC99 qualification for motherboards (


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  7. I could have sworn I sent a fax with my 3COM ISA modem in Win2000 only 10 mins ago... ...and look, my PC99 compliant Asus P3B-F has two ISA slots...

    But getting back to the question, besides the two already mentioned I don't know of any other socket A boards with ISA slots.

    - JW

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  8. there is a board mae by TYAN that has ONE ISA slot on it.
  9. Iwill KK266 has an ISA slot. It is very highly rated by Anandtech.

    ISA slots tend to be important to the linux community, because, until very recently, the only hardware modems available were ISA. Linux can't use winmodems. There are some hardware based pci modems now, so the need for isa on that front may be abaiting also.

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  10. well, no ISA is one of the norms for PC99 compliance, and P3B-F is PC97 compliant i guess.

    you can download the design guides at

    there is one more recommendation - having coloured connectors. many PC99 compliant boards have al least one ISA slot. i guess they have this, apart from rest of the PC99 compliance, for backward compatibility.

    and I havent seen any socket A boards with ISA slots either.

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  11. check out the tyan motherboard- - now available in both kt133 and kt133a flavors (i've got the kt133 flavor), and the isa slot functions (found this out by installing a sportster 28.8 after my dsl provider disconnected me)
  12. Hmmm...

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