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Does anyone know what the real world differences are between Microsoft's "Student and Teacher" edition and the regular version. Also, how strict are online retailers in proving that you are in fact a student.

I'm building a brand new system and want to buy a copy of office, but have having a hard time justifying the high price of the regular version. Anyone have any thoughts on this topic? Thanks
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  1. Dude the version labeled for student and teachers is for students and teachers. If your not a student or a teacher then buy the regular version or do without.

  2. You would probably have to provide proof of being a student or teacher.

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  3. Actually, you can buy these without any check. But all Academic versions can not be upgraded.

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  4. My understanding is that the student versions are simply an empty box with an application form inside. You need to complete the form and get verification that you are a student (or teacher) and send it to MS to get the CD.
    They may have changed this recently (I haven't checked the website since I'm no longer a student), but I'd be surprised. There may be ways to fake the verification and get a student license, but to be honest, there's not a lot of point - you can get Open Office for free without committing fraud.
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