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hey guys,I was just wondering how much for a good graphics card to play call of duty black ops
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  1. you'll have to get the $700 5990 to play that game ..... just kidding lol. The range oldmangamer said is good with the lower priced cards working fine now and having to be replaced sooner for newer games and the higher priced cards being usable for a longer time in the future.
  2. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    $150 - $300

    is this us money
  3. Quote:
    is this U.S. money

    yes us not pesos pounds or euros :) lol
  4. I'd say none since black ops is choppy regardless of gfx least for me it was:/
  5. Something like this should do you quite nicely -
    Forget BlackOps, the last good COD game was MW2, BFBC2 is cheap now as well.
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