Call of Duty world at war won't work

I tried playing call of duty world at war, and when I try booting it up, it crashes back to windows and an error message pops up saying "call of duty world at war has stopped working" please end this application now.

I've tried reinstalling it, and this problem persists. I clearly remember playing this game a few months ago on this same computer. What the hell is the problem? The patches are like 2GB's each and you have to download them in sequence and install them in chronological order from oldest to latest. And there are like five or six patches.

Does this game have compatibility problems with Windows 7?

Why can't I run this game?................
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  1. Try to run the game without the patch first and see what happens. It runs perfectly either on Win 7 32bit and 64bit.
  2. When you said that you had played the game on your own PC , a few moths ago, did you have the same OS ? COD WAW does not have any compatibility issues with win7 as it worked on my 32 bit just fine. Did you install any thing else lately ? Try and defragg your hard drive.
  3. Yeah try without patches first if that don't help try to turn off background prog. and then reboot and clear your temp files before that(Run game as admin )
  4. make sure you have the latest drivers, not just for the gfx but for the motherboard 2. you may also need the nfo cpu driver from your motherboards website, which has to be installed in vista compatibility mode to get it to work properly.
    other than that make sure your dx libraries are up to date and make sure you install the 1s that come with the game.
    you may also want to disable norton av or at least set it to gaming mode.
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