Can't get ME and 98 to communicate

I am currently setting up my first home network. I have gotten everything hooked up but cannot get half the computers to recognize they are on a network. My Win XP Pro system can access other computers without any trouble. The ME (one) and 98 (two) computers will not even recognize they are on a network when I try file and printer sharing. Any idea what could be going wrong, or what setting I could be missing.
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  1. the 98 and me computers wont talk to eachother or they wont talk to the xp machine.

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  2. The 98 and ME computers won't communicate with each other or the XP comp.

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  3. Did you set up the proper protocols like TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX... and IP address to each machine?

    You can ping and ping other computers (disable firewall in winXP) to check if the IP works.

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  4. I finally gave up and used a DLINK DI-704P router. One minute later all was up and running. This router has it's own printer sharing connection and software-Parallel or serial. Handles the Cable modem too.

    Almost instant setup for three computers:
    plus a laptop infected with Microsoft ME (delivered that way).

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  5. how is the net layed out? Is there a hub/switch? Like another poster said, is TCP/IP installed? What IP addresses are you using? Dynamic? Static?

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  6. I have all the protocols installed and I am using dynamic IP's.

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  7. does ping work between the machines?

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