Just Got My MSDN Copy of Win 7!

So I got Win 7 installed and with only minor hassles I got all drivers installed, even the ones that wouldn't work. I eventually one. Now my only problem is Vista. I like it and it works great. I don't think I'm ready to let go because I just paid for the OEM version not even a year ago. Sure, I didn't pay for Win 7, but it feels like I'm throwing money away by not using Vista x64 :(. Anyone else suffer from the same Dilemma?
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  1. Nope, I'm triple booting XP, Vista and 7RC so I can compare functionality in all three OSs. I intend to continue triple booting after 7's release until I am convinced that it can do it all and the others are superfluous.
  2. Triple booting must be the new thing. I thought dual booting was the in thing :(. I still have my copy of Win XP 32bit. Maybe I still can triple boot. :)
  3. I bought Vista Ultimate 64bit and used it for about 4 months before I switched to Windows 7 RC1. I kept Vista until we bought my wife a new laptop and opted for the cheapest OS option, and when it arrived we wiped the drive and installed my Vista 64 on it. When Windows 7 comes out in a week or so I'm definitely going to get each of us a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm excited to see what the battery life will look like with Windows 7.
  4. I'll most likely continue to dual boot for the foreseeable future until I get an SSD. Then I'll switch to Win 7 for the TRIM command. That's literally the only thing I am curious about in Win 7. The rest just seems like incremental upgrades, as it should. I don't want to go through the hassle of setting up an SSD in Vista, so I'll keep my mechanical drives spinning until SSDs come down further in price.
  5. Vista is definitely not a bad OS, contrary to popular belief. Win 7 does resolve my connection issues faster that Vista, but so far not too many things different.
  6. Don't feel bad one-shot, I just dumped my paid for OEM Vista x64 for 7, and I like the change. 7 is more convenient, and more responsive, especially when multitasking.
  7. Is there an expiry date for the Windows 7 MSDN version?
  8. nope.

    I can get EVERY MS OS ever made from MSDN.

    edit: Just chedk.. not every.. Win3.1-Win2008R2(Datacenter)
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