SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and Protect IP

Alright, I couldn't see any posts on this in the first few I looked through, and its a point that should be stressed anyway. Firstly, I'm going to say that the person in this video explains things much better then I likely will and will hopefully get you as worried as you should be. This is not just important for US citizens.

For what the acts actually are, refer to these links:

(I know its wikipedia, but the information is fine from what I saw)

Now, for anyone who is confused, SOPA and Protect IP are two acts currently being pushed through congress in the US. Currently, it looks like they will get through. Now, before everyone outside the US clicks away, this is not just some internal act, as most of you (if not all) would know, the US have most of the internet under its 'control'. Hence, if EITHER of the acts are passed, Its not good.

So, do you like watching you tube videos? Oh, its censored by large corporations and all copyright material has been removed.

So, you like tom's hardware? ONE link to a website with any form of piracy is enough to get Tom's Hardware DNS blocked.

That's something to be worried about.

Now, I myself am Australian and am about to enter university in hopes of creating my own indev games, If these acts are passed, large corporations have the power to simply shun me, all the new media and advertisement of you tube and other streaming websites would be censored. I essentially will be looking for a new choice of life.

I feel like I've said nothing other then worry people (I hope, well about the worry part), but you SHOULD be worried, internet censorship is BAD (I doubt I needed that much emphasis but still). So once again, I urge you to watch the video I linked, he explains it well, or if you prefer a more serious one, find your own.

Finally, I would like to urge ANY american citizens to go to this address and tell your representative your concerns! (I'm doing all I can think of in Australia, because I for one am worried.)

Sorry if this made no sense or has been covered, and for the double post, as I consider this both a political matter and a world issue, but I'm trying to let people know, so we can try to keep the internet what it is.

- Sam
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  1. I was just about to post something about this.

    visit this link also

    and an opponent of the bill will read your name aloud.

    This bill cannot be passed. It has the possibility to ruin the internet for everyone world wide.
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