Dragon Age 2, what's your performance?

Hi everyone, I would appreciate your help with something.

I've been building custom PCs for myself for years, but recently someone asked me to build a custom PC for her, in order to play Dragon Age 2. I've never played that game before and my PC will certainly play it nearly flawless, but I'm wondering how are the older/lesser PCs handling it.

I'd like to build a PC for her as cheap as possible while performing adequately. She didn't give me a final budget number, but over 2k$ Canadian dollars will probably be too much for her.

Can anyone share with me their PC stats and how well Dragon Age 2 performs for you?
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  1. Yes I like the new cheaper intel line up, but the high end AMDs are still cheaper and are technically stronger. Then again the new Core i7 2600 is pretty adequately priced and very powerful. (Just got myself the 2600K a few days ago).

    But like I said, money might be an issue, so I wanted to form 3 different custom PC estimate for this woman, and let her choose which one fits her budget.

    BTW, is your GTX460 in double or triple SLI, or is it one card? You said you're running max graphics? Is it running mostly smooth?
  2. core i7 @ 4.0 Ghz
    asus mobo
    antec 1200 case
    crossfire AMD 6950s
    1000w corsair psu
    prolimatech megahalem
    1920x1080 monitor

    At everything turned all the way to the max, I get 70-100+ frames per second (according to fraps).
  3. ct1615 said:
    one card and running smooth. the i3-2100 actually outperforms any of the AMD offerings, both the phenom II x4 and the gimmicky x6. so technically, they are weaker then the i3 dual cores and I have a phenom II x4.


    Perhaps the new sand bridge intel chips will beat the Phenom II, but last time I benchmarked my Phenom II 955, I found out only the Core i7 could beat the AMD six cores. But that was a CPU benchmark which can actually use all six cores, unlike most video games which still mostly use 2 cores at best. I also ran a Phenom 955 and 940 with dual SLI on GTX280 and GTX460, which have run most games on high settings without too much trouble. The games don't get much better on PC anymore since they are usually imports from the xbox or PS3.

    I think Intel's new prices are really attractive though. I wonder what will happen with AMD if they don't figure out a competitive chip soon.
  4. Yeah, I'm not an AMD fan boy but they served me well in the past with their cheap price versus the core i7, especially before intel started to get aggressive with the core i5 and etc. Played the hell out of fancy games like Crysis, that was good enough for me. So I would hate to see them crash and burn so hard. Especially since they are the only competition to intel.

    If anyone with a "modest" computer can tell me how their experience playing Dragon Age 2, I would welcome it. I appreciate any input but powerful computers are probably too expensive for the budget I will most likely have.
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