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Hi Sir,

i m taken GA-880GM-UD2H with tri core x3 425 processor.
It has onboard graphics card integrated ATI Radeon HD 4250 (DX10.1) along with 2 gb ram.
can i play prince of persia sand of time, warrior within, two thrones, tomb raider and nfs most wanted, carbon.
pls suggest me . which other games can i play.
pls suggest me which graphics card will b best for me at reasonal price betwwen 5000-6000k..
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  1. Yes it can. I'm not into ATI really but 5770 will do for a reasonable price
  2. With your current HD 4250 which is a integrated GPU, you can play those games that yo have listed. At 5000 to 6000 INR, I guess you can get a HD 5770 or a HD 5750 if the latter costs more. If still HD 5750 is not available, then try and go for a HD 5670 , which is a decent GPU, that can give you good performance.
  3. can i play assasin1 and 2 and crysis1 .
  4. rohit4u20010 said:
    can i play assasin1 and 2 and crysis1 .

    You would be able to play Assassins Creed 1 and 2 , but it won't go well for you. You might be able to play AC1 at low and get playable frame rates, but AC2, I doubt it. Don't even think about Crysis, before you go and get your self a decent GPU.

    You can still play them however.

    i couldn't get AC1 or AC2. or ACB is almost same as AC2, so here
  5. You should be able to pick yourself a 5770, on your budget.
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