User Access Denied Error.

Hi all,
I think you all can help me out on this issue.
It started that I had 'Aministrator' and 'my name' accounts on my users setting. I then I used 'my name' account to set up for other people's accounts ( say: People 1, People 2 ...).

So now when logging on as 'people 1', the system displays an error: 'Access Denied". But when I hit OK, the it still lets 'People 1' uses the system as nothing has happened.
Please also note that when loggin in as 'my name' account, the error message never displays.

Could you help me to understand this and how to fix it? Thank you all.
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  1. A system service is probably wanting to start but can only be started by a user with more rights. The users you made probably only have basic user rights so the service cant start. Try giving them poweruser or admin rights and see if the message goes away.

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  2. Thanks, Folken, for your advice. I'll try your way to give them more user right. Will report back to you. Please be patient.
  3. Folken, you are right! After changing the other user accounts to a higher level the problem of 'Access denied!' error disappears. The sad thing is Win -XP only has 2 options: administrator or limited levels. nothing in between. I thing Win2K gives more options.
    Is there any other ways to set access level in between (Admin and limited) users?
  4. Poweruser is usually a good balance. They can install software but nothing major.
    Any more detail than that can only be achieved with some tinkering in mmc or having a domain controller.

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  5. It only gives me 2 choices: Admin or limited users. I do not see 'poweruser' choice to select. Can you elaborate a little more? Thanks.
  6. Also...along the lines of what Folken is referring to, I've noticed lately that when install many programs during the install phase I am asked whether I want this program available to all users or just the current user. If you can identify what it is that is trying to startup you may find it is one of these 3rd party programs and a reinstall of it selecting "available to all users" will help.

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  7. Type <b>control userpasswords2</b> in <b>Run</b> command to launch W2k-style User account which has more options.
  8. Thanks, WW. I'll watch out for that.
    And KHHA, I'll try your trick. Thank you all.

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