Beeping Motherboard, need Help

I tried installing a firewire card (pinnacle sys). After I inserted it into the PCI slot, i tried to reboot it. It was stuck trying to find my NVRAM, so I used the reboot switch. It did it again and I used the switch again. This time it showed a blank screen and started beeping via the pc speakers (mobo speakers) I checked to see if I short circuited any other PCI cards by putting them onto my other computer and they were fine (I did touch something grounded b4 strating). So i'm guessing it's my motherboard. I'm using the FIC SD-11 motherboard.
Can anyone help?
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  1. If you have the motherboard manual it should tell you what the beeps mean then you can go from there, or if you dont have the manual go to there web site you should be able to get it there.

  2. Did you turn off the PC before inserting the card ?
    have you tried takng out the card, does the system work ?
  3. Try resetting bios with the onboard jumper.

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  4. The SD-11 manual doesn't state anythng about beeps. I also resetted the CMOS jumper on the motherboard. I did turn off the power, but didn't pull out the power cable as usual when inserting the PCI card. I was looking on the internet for something about SD-11s and couldn't find anyone with a blank lockout. Thanks for the attempts.
  5. does the motherboard work without the card?
    how does it beep? these are special beep codes, just like the morse code.

    if you hear long continuous beeps, its missing RAM, check your RAM. its difficult to get such beeps in your case.

    if the beeps are one long and three short, repeated by smal intervals its certainly display error. in morse style it could be represented as (-...) it might be the PCI card IRQ is conflicting with some device, especially the display.

    remove the card, reset the CMOS RAM and try to boot.
    btw you havent specified the BIOS


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  6. it continues to beep even after I pulled the card out. The beeps are 3 or might be 4 i forget short ones. then a pause and it starts again. I resetted the cmos after removing the card.
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