How can I contact Steam for problems

Hello, I have been using Steam for a long time with no problems. Now I can not log on, keeps saying invalid log in name or password. I can not change the pass word in Steam support...keeps saying Steam can not help me at this time, try later, I do same response. I did uninstall (worked once) and reinstall but I get the same problem. Thanks!
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  1. Tried that several times. Any way to talk to someone at Steam?
  2. Nope.
  3. Go to the forgot password.If your steam account is Guard protected then steam send a confirmation code in your email account.
    Be sure you must know your steam user name.
  4. I had the same problem So wen I went to reset my password it said it sent a confirmation code to my email but I never got one so I now cannot access my account :(
  5. I Have tried like Six times in the past few months but it still won't send me the confirmation code. It makes me furious because I spent so much cash on that account :(
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