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I have replaced the battery in a computer that cannot keep up with real time...any ideas what else could be causing it to not keep the correct time?

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  1. You changed the cmos battery and it still won't work?

    1 - How old is the computer/mb?
    2 - Does it reset or run slow/fast?
  2. p3 550 with 64mb ram, 14 gb hd, unknown motherboard.
    does run slow for a 550, no reseting and yes I did replace the battery with a new one...and it still doesnt keep the time

  3. I think OvrrDrive meant does the clock seem to run slow (takes say 62 minutes to go an hour). If your computer's performance is slow that could be related or a completely different problem. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone's clock still being wrong after replacing the battery. Sure you got the right one? If it isn't too expensive, maybe try another?
  4. are you regularly using any old legacy games or programs ?? many from the 286 and 386 era commandeer the clock cycle function and halt it during use .. I have an old 16 color golf game that does that


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  5. Heh, yes, I was referring to the clock. If it gets reset everytime you restart, then the motherboard is probably shot. I heard of a problem once like that on the Screen Savers, and they basically said that if you have changed the battery and it still doesn't keep the time, then the system crystal had gone bad and it was time to replace the mb. Unless of course, it doesn't bother you that much. I guess, in retrospect, it really doesn't matter if the time it keeps is slow or fast, if you changed the battery and it is still resetting, I don't think there is anything that can be done.
  6. sounds trivial and not too bad unless files can be corrupted due to inconsistant times and dates...I don't know. I probably wouldn't worry too much about the time as long as everything works. Just bookmark a clock website :)

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  7. If time being off is the only problem. There is a utility out there that will sync your computer with the master clock in colorado every so often. You could set the intervals it checks. I don't remember the name, but there were a few of them. If you can't find it let me know and I'll try and dig it up.

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  8. Good one alphateam.. There are a few of those out. I used to use one, I think it was called Atomic clock or something. You could set one of those to either update everyday, or run it manually everytime you log on. Or, just leave the computer on. I always leave mine on, there are arguments that it is better for it anyway.

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  9. Uh...don't really know if this is going to help you or not, but I have a system that does the same thing - kinda...

    I have a Tyan mobo with VIA chipset (Trinity 400 S1854). And that sucker has the new PCI spec that is always supplying power to the PCI slots.

    Taken from the horses mouth:
    "**Note: This board conforms to the new PCI 2.2 spec. This requires 3.3v standby for all PCI slots, DIMM banks, and PS/2 outputs (KB/PS/2 Mouse). Always remember to unplug the AC power cord before adding any PCI cards, memory, or plugging or unplugging keyboard or mouse. Otherwise the motherboard may automatically power up when adding the component."

    Well I use a good surge protector like I always have and if I turn the system off by the power switch my system clock may as well eat dirt!

    I resloved the issue by using a MASTER Switch/surge protector that sits below the monitor and I turn everything off there except for the 'ol computer. I just use shutdown and let the system knock itself out, but leave the juice running to it via leaving the switch on the surge protector on.

    Doing this has done two things: 1) Time is correct - unless one of my little boogers (kiddies) turns everything off by the "big red button daddy?" and 2) a backache - I have to lean over and turn the system on by it's front bezel's power switch!

    Hope it helps a little bit at least,
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