Assasins creed 2 no saved games

hey heres my problem...i was playing ac2 and i kept getin the blue screen got it like 3 times (i know i shouldnt ave kept playing) and i was really far into the game then the fourth time it crashed my saved game WERNT THERE!!!! any help plz.

my system specs r
amd athlon 2 x2 250 processpr 3.00ghz

3.00gb of ram

32 bit windows 7

and i dont know the rest my graphics is a pretty good one and should be able to handle the game.
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  1. hmm thisis weird i looked in my saved games folder and all my saved game are still there just when i open up the game it only sais session on where my game slot was...any help is apprieciated

    i got someone elses saved games folder and stuck it in mine and it worked fine...could it have deleted sumthin or messed something up when it crashed?
  2. try to reinstall the game but don't delete save games maybe this will help...GO AC
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