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Pinnacle Pro Hybrid 310i TV Tuner PCI Install


I need help. I'm desperate. I am trying to get this thing to work for three days now and no success. I even got BSODs, Startup damage, etc... And I really know my way around computers. I work in a computer shop and I am a programmer but this is outrageous.

I know it can be done because I saw threads where it is working but they have other problems (in software).

Let me tell you that I tried EVERYTHING. I searched the net for two days, installed tons of drivers and softwares, etc... I can't anymore. If someone knows how, great, if not, I give up.

First I tried to install it Windows style. Have Disk offers:

Pinnacle PCTV 310i Capture Device
Pinnacle PCTV 310iX Analog + DVB-T

I tried both, but Pinnacle software can't see the hardware. Can't detect it.

I downloaded latest 64bit drivers from Pinnacle. They offer:

Pinnacle PCTV 310i Stereo DVB-T Capture Device

(and others, but mine is 310i).

That also didn't work. Well it all works both from Windows and Pinnacle but software doesn't detect the hardware. Device Manager installs the drivers ok, but no joy in Pinnacle TV Center.

In Pinnacle package you download (where all software is) there are drivers. But there are no 310i drivers although it says there are. I can't find them. But if downloaded one didn't work, why would this one.

I downloaded all possible Pinnacle TVCenter Pro packages... 4.9, 5.x, .6.2, .6.4 BETA, etc, etc. No joy.

Is there someone outhere that has this TV card and runs it on Win7 64bit? Or it can be 32bit and I will adjust.
Please explain what I need to do to get this working. What drivers to install, in what order (package/drivers), etc.

As said, I understand the stuff so you don't have to be super detailed but if you want be my guest.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I hate to ask, but are you sure that the device actually works? Also, what version of Win 7 are you using?
  2. Looks to me that you need the following driver to make work:

    PCTV Hybrid Pro PCI(310i)

    Have you tried this one?
  3. Actually that's a old card, are you SURE it works
  4. It works. When I plugged it in, in device manager: "Multimedia Device" appeared. So I guess the card works, otherwise it wouldn't show anything.
  5. COLGeek said:
    Looks to me that you need the following driver to make work:

    PCTV Hybrid Pro PCI(310i)

    Have you tried this one?

    Yes I tried that. I gives me options mentioned above when I load the .inf file:

    Pinnacle PCTV 310i Stereo DVB-T Capture Device

    When I click Next, Windows installs the drivers and it appears under "Sound, graphic and other" in Device Manager. But PCTV Software can't see it in the list.

    Can someone maybe say in what order to do things or something like that? But I really tried million combinations. Software never detects the card. Even if it is installed in Device Manager with that driver you offered for download.
  6. Here it is after installing from those drivers:
  7. I read that Win Media Player and this card don't like each other, can you disable WMP and see if it helps
  8. Umm, how to disable WMP? It is integral in Windows. Never tried to do it lol
  9. Start> accessories>Command Prompt>Right click>run as admin.type msconfig> enter> Services> UNCHECK WMP reciever services > Apply> OK> Reboot. hope this does it
    and there is Audio in there as well, not sure though, Hauppage has the best capture h/w
  10. Sorry for not replying but I was AGAIN trying everything including all the stuff you told me. It won't work. I disabled WMP RS, disabled all other Video Capture stuff (from Video Cards additional software).

    And PCTV Wizard still doesn't see my hardware.

    Any other ideas because I am def. out of any.

    There is interesting fact tho... Windows sees it as "Multimedia Device". And when I go Update Driver and point the location TO THE CORRECT DRIVERS (The ones COLGeek provided), It CAN'T install it. I must install them by FORCE. Which means I need to go "Have Disk", browse to the inf file, select the hardware and press next. Windows then installs the device fine. But it will NEVER install it on it's own (automatically). I NEED to install it manually. Maybe there is something in it.

  11. obviously the drivers are right, don't know what to say except get Hauppage
  12. Yeah, well it's not like I really NEED the TV. But I found this card and why not use it. And when I saw that it can be used under Win7, even 64bit I tried.

    I'll keep trying stuff but I'm out of ideas since I tried zillion different things.

    If anyone has any more suggestions, please.

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    Just because Windows sees the device does not mean that the device is not defective. I have a USB network adapter that does exactly what you are describing and no amount of tinkering with it, or its config, will make it work.

    What you are describing is a partially broken device. Time for a new one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  14. Sure. I can accept that. But I can't figure out how it got "broken" when it was installed or boxed all the time. Ah well.

    Anyway, thanks for all the help.
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  16. malloc84 said:
    Sure. I can accept that. But I can't figure out how it got "broken" when it was installed or boxed all the time. Ah well.

    Anyway, thanks for all the help.

    Could have been static electricty or just one too many insertions into the motherboard. I (and I am sure you) have seen what appeared to be perfectly normal computers parts that simply did not work. Many have also bought new stuff that was DOA right out of the box. Just another of the mysteries surrounding computers and the notion that they work at all.........HOOAH!!!
  17. Actually there is one moment. I had a MBO and card was in it. That MBO died and I replaced it with new one but didn't install the card afterward all till today it was boxed.

    Could have died then. That MBO suffered massive heart attack.
  18. ...and the plot thickens. Be well.
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