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Hi everyone,

Recently like 75% of the crysis 2 servers have all disappeared and know the very few that are left are either all full or the ones that have spots open are all screwed up and just stay in the games main lobby and doesnt even let you pick a map... also i noticed that in these lobbies that do not work are always a couple of people who say that their level is zero... are they causing the error in the lobby or is it just some other screw up that crytek needs to work out with their very problematic game it seems... i almost wish i just got it on xbox just so i could actually play the freakin game online without having to deal with their servers that have been really screwed from day one...

so does anybody know anything about this and is anyone else facing this issue? has anyone been able to troubleshoot this problem? cause i would really like to get back to gaming online on crysis 2 cause i actually have to say that it is probably my favourite online game that i have ever played so far and was really enjoying it while i could...

thanks in advance
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    the game was patched recently supposedly has better online anti fraud detection for illegal keys.
    try running the game updater and see if you need patching to 1.2
  2. oh ok... ill try to download the patch.. thanks
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