How loud is 64 Decibals ( Swiftech M462 w/ Delta)

I was wondering how loud 64 Decibals is because I want to buy a Swiftech M462 with Delta fan. Please don't tell me a 747 on take off :) Seriously, please give me something to compare it to. I really do want to overclock so I hope it is not too bad because then that would suck.

It worked yesterday! :lol:
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  1. I can't give you something to compare with but i can tell you that a 10 dB increase means twice the noise. So, if you compare with the ThermalTake Super Orb, it's twice as loud. Have you ever heard of Silverado by Noise Control ? Less cooling power but about 35 dB, perfect for overclocking. Think it's back order almost everywhere, though ! Personnally, I wouldn't buy anything exceeding 50 dB but... it all depends on what you are expecting from your system.

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  2. It is the equivelent of someone standing normal conversation distance from you, but speaking twice as loud as normal. Do not get this HSF or it will drive you crazy! I am ordering a silverado tommarrow, and I strongly, strongly recommend getting one. It cools only a degree or two less cool than the swiftech, but you cannot hear it at all. In fact the only way to tell if it is on is by actually looking at the blades spinning! Jump on the silver bandwagon!

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  3. About the same noise level of most people when they run out of beer.

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  4. The Delta fan does not only produce a lot of noise, it also has a high pitched tone in it. It's this tone that drives one crazy. I ordered such a fan to replace the fan on my CPU. I left it there for about half an hour and then took it back off. Couldn't stand it...
    I now have an 80mm Papst 47CFM fan on the heat sink. Result is good and <b>MUCH</b> quieter!!!

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  5. Every 10db doubles the volume. When you reach 135db, your eardrums burst. So, at 64db you're about 1/128th of the way to learning sign language...

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  6. It's about as loud as the average TV at 1/2 volume, while your watching a jet take off. If you want quiet, get a Thermaltake VolcanoII, it is about 1/4 the volume. Or a Globalwin FOP-32, about 1/2 the volume. Or some really loud speakers.

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