Crysis 2 Max settings?

I currently have a Athlon X4 640, 4 GB Corsair RAM at 800 MHz, ASUS M4A784-M,and a integrated Radeon HD 4200 on motherboard.
I'm wondering whether or not if I get a GTX 580 will there be a extreme bottleneck and would they be compatible? Also, if there's a bottleneck is there something else I should upgrade for PC gaming like getting a new mobo, CPU, etc...

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  1. The first thing you want to look at is your PSU, you need a really good one to run a GTX 580. I take it you have a 1920X1080 monitor at least for that card?
  2. that cpu is in no way big enough to handle that gpu...
  3. The CPU is only temp Imma get a phenom 1110 soon but how much power should I have to use the the specs I currently have also, do i need more RAM?

    Would my current specs (excluding the future phenom CPU) be able to run HL:2, Garry's Mod, Counter strike source, or any of the the more prominent games on steam? ( That are in the 2005-2009 margin)
  4. Oh yes I also run my games on 1280x??? but I only add an exception on crysis once I get it
  5. in that case i your wasting your money. buying such a big card for such a small screen.
    you may as well just get a 450.
    anything over a 460 1gig and you really want a 1920/1080 monitor minimum. any less than that and your not gonna see the best from your card.
  6. This is my temporary build... In two to three months Imma get replace almost everything becasue I have approx a $5000 budget

    BTW, Thx much for your enlightening reply =)
    P.S. I might run games on my 62" plasma with the DVI port, that's somewhat why Imma get tri-sli with GTX 590
  7. If it's not too much of a hassle how many frames per second should I expect running crysis 2 on max with my current build? How about Crysis 1 or warhead?

    Thx =)
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    GTX 580 should get 50 FPS upwards average on Crysis 2 I'd say. Personally I wouldn't spend 5K on a PC I'd spend some now and then some in the future on upgrades. Also just because the screen is 62", the resolution is still 1920X1080 (The same as a 24" monitor) so 3 GTX 590s is major overkill.

    I don't think you can Tri SLI the GTX 590 because it has 2 GPUs inside it, so you can only have 2 in one system working together.
  9. Sweet!

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