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Hi Everyone.
I am building a new machine that will be strictly for gaming. If anyone could suggest a motherboard and chip that would be great. I would like to spend around or under $400 if at all possible.

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  1. 400 for the whole system or 400 for the MB and chipset?

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  2. I would wait a few weeks for the new AMD 760MP chip to be released. Motherboards that support dual AMD processors will be available. You can add another processor later, plus you will be using the new PC2100DDR ram. For a gaming machine, spend $100 for 256mb of ram!

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  3. if you want to get a ddr mobo. go for the asus a7m266, you'll pay more for ram and you'll have to buy it if you're not using it already. it's also a more expensive board.

    if you want to go the pc-133 route go for the a7v133. it's about 40$ cheaper than the ddr board and you don't have to buy new ram either.

    you can get either mobo and an AMD 1.33ghz 266fsb chip for under 400$

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  4. How is the AMD 760MP different from the AMD 760 chip? Do you know when these MB that support dual processors will come out? I wonder how big a difference it makes to have dual processors?
  5. I agree with toonces, so much that I have the Asus A7M266 and 1.33 GHz Atlon C coming Tuesday via UPS. However, a 256MB DDR DIMM from Crucial is <b>only</b> $103! Check out

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