MSI K7 Master-S and SCSI Scanner

Question, I currently have a SCSI scanner (UMax, I forget the model), and I am replacing the system but would like to avoid having to buy a new USB scanner.

I am considering getting the MSI K7 Master-S motherboard, since it comes with an integrated SCSI controller. Would this have any difficulties in running my SCSI scanner?


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  1. Probably not, if you can find one! If you do, let us all know where! Also is a good source for conversion cables if they are needed.

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  2. No? Bummer... that means I will have to try to sell off my current scanner and pick up a USB scanner I suppose. When I was looking at KT133 for a system I could get an Abit KT7A motherboard with an ISA slot for my current SCSI card, but none of the DDR motherboards have such a beast. :)

    Thanks for the info!

  3. I wouldn't do that, you will be dissapointed with a USB scanner. You could instead pick up a refurbished Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI card for around $30 refurbished.

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  4. The Crashman is right. Get a cheap PCI SCSI card - It's probably cheaper than adapting the controller on the motherboard. Hopefully, you'll have a PCI slot available. If you're using the ISA card that came with the scanner, you'll notice an immediate, drastic performance difference with a PCI SCSI card.
    Also, if your processor is pre-300MHz, you may want to go to Umax's site and download the patch for the VMM32.vxd problem that Umax scanners have. You could also download and use VistaScan 3.53, which, contrary to Umax's instructions, works quite well with Win2K, and you won't need to patch it for the VMM32.vxd problem.
  5. After re-reading your post more carefully, I have to say "Ditch the ISA card" Holding out for a motherboard with an ISA slot limits you. Getting a motherboard with a SCSI controller limits you and is costly. If all you need SCSI for is to run the scanner, save yourself some money and get a cheap PCI-SCSI card.
    Less money.
    More performance.
    More options.
    Enough said.
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