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Hello,I have an computer with such things:Intel Pentinum e5200 dual core@2.53 ghz cpu,asus p5kpl-am in mobo,2gb ddr2 ram,intel g31 express chipset.though I am going to upgrade my pc with new processor and 9800 gt ddr3 512 mb gpu,but my problem is there that i have a 2.1 creative speaker and have no sound card.I don't want 3D surround pleasure so i am not upgrading my speakers.I just want that sound plays at exact time,I mean the sound of ak 47 plays when I am firing my enemies with it.I am saying that because I am already a victim of such sound problems.It happens while playing FAR CRY,It has a worse graphical issue but let it go,I am talking about Far cry i could hear the sound of firing after i fired by enemies.I don't want the same problem when I will play cod mw2 or crysis.So do I must need a sound card for that?Or I can get the same without sound card? I mean is this a problem of the particular(in my case far cry) game?
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  1. Sound Cards these days aren't a must, so if you are going to buy a new processor and GPU, you probably won't experience those problems. Did Farcry run good with those current specs of yours ?
  2. With onboard graphics, the game was probably lagging like crazy, in which case the sound would lag as well. With a faster graphics card and/or CPU it is much less likely that you'll have the same problem.
  3. That's true. That might have been his problem. With a new GPU like the GT 9800, its not likely you would want buy a sound card.
  4. Sometimes i would suggest one and sometimes i wouldn't for example i got one becuase of 1 game, Battlfield bad company 2 becuase it doesn't like my realtek onboard. but other than that my onboard was fine. but it did make the sound qulity good
  5. the problem is your way under spec gfx wise.
    get your gfx sorted and the sound problem will go away.

    the problem results from you demanding to much from your systems memory. your asking it to share itself with the gfx which will take up most of its bandwidth.
    system memory is slower than gfx memory in most cases. resulting in overall slower system performance with the end result being lagging sound.

    your cpu although is aging its not completely pants. it will work well with a 98gt and will create a very balanced system. you will be able to play all the latest games at modest rez and settings.
    just make sure you have a 450watt psu minimum to power it.
  6. here you all help me,a new-comer a lot , and now i am feeling proud as a member of this forum,I am a budget gamer u can easily understand that and the issue on speakers vary greatly,here every answer should be best answer,so I can't choose someone particularly but thanks to all and I will want your expert answer on my future posts,with thanks n regards
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