Computer Freezes @ startup

When I start up my PC, it gets to the screen where it says 'Windows Starting' w/ the orby things floating around.
At that piont, it freezes. Also, a high pitch tone emits from my PC. not a speaker generated thing either. I don't know what it is.

When i insert the Windows Installation Disk, it freezes as well for about 10 min. (w/ the same sound coming from my PC) before it goes to the Install Windows screen. I've tried several repairs, and i'm out of ideas.

It worked just fine last night when i shut it down.
Now today its not working.

(oh also, one of my HD isn't being detected in BIOS... its a data drive w/ no bootable info on it. All wires ect. are properly plugged into it)

Thanks for any ideas. This problem is starting to get really annoying
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  1. usually if there is a high pitched tone coming from your computer, really bad, try touching thing to locate the source of the sound, but really it don't sound good
    last resort download the Utimate Boot CD(UBCD) and see if you can boot with it
  2. new development...
    i unplugged my 2 other hard drives (w/ all my media and files ect.) and windows now booted w/ no issues.
  3. needless to say plug the drives in 1 at a time and see if one died
  4. it just doesn't make sense to me why one dead drive, would stop the boot manager from loading windows thats on a different drive.
    The one thats dead of course, has all my music, photos, and videos i've taken.
    awesome... boy i'm glad i started buying digital downloads instaed of CDs just to have them all wiped by a faulty drive
  5. ARCHIVE in a remote SATA drive dock that does not run unless you turn it on, makes the drives last a long time--real long time, and if you are like me then you can use different drives for data, 1 for movies, 1 for pictures, 1 for saved stuff, etc.
  6. u mean an external enclosure that you turn on and off?
  7. You can try going to the manufacturer's website, and downloading their HD diagnostic tools. It may be able to repair some of the damage, or at least enough to get some of your data off.
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